Campaigns 220 and 221 are for James Skoufis in NY and Eugene DePasquale in PA 

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 

We don’t usually do a single post announcing two campaigns.  But, 2020 is a good year for trying new things.  😊 

For James

Before you read any further, I’d really like you to make an exception to your normal habit and click the following link.  It’s the candidate himself speaking from the heart about what Postcards to Voters meant for his election the last time around. 

Click here: 

It’s the candidate himself speaking at our 3rd Anniversary Celebration in NYC on March 7, 2020. 

This is an Obama-to-Trump swing district that helped give Democrats the State Senate majority after 2018.  We wrote for James Skoufis and he’s asked us personally for another round to help his re-election bid succeed. 

James is the son of a Greek immigrant.  He grew up in public housing raised by union parents.   His seat will be instrumental to protecting a progressive majority in the New York State Senate this November.

His opponent is a far-right Trumpian candidate who has defunded the county nursing home, wants to fully repeal criminal justice reforms, and has been sued for silencing his local constituents at public hearings.  James, on the other hand, has stood firm on choice, gun safety, climate change, public education, tenant rights, election reform, and progressive taxation despite being in a right-leaning district.

With everything that’s at stake, let’s keep James in the State Senate for another term.  Let’s handily write this relatively short list of Democratic voters and make the big difference in turnout that James and his team are hoping to see on November 3. 

For Eugene

Let’s take a look at our first contest this cycle in Pennsylvania.  We’re going to the 10th Congressional District which is among the most competitive House races in the country.  National rating outlets have this historically red district listed as a “toss up.”   Plenty of polling supports this indicating that it will be decided by a slim margin.

Our candidate there is Democrat Eugene DePasquale.   He’s the state’s current Auditor General.  He actually won the district in 2016 when running for his statewide office.  The Republican incumbent Congressman, Scott Perry, is a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus.  Perry has held one in-person town hall in the past 3 years.   It should come as no surprise that he is in lockstep with Trump. 

In addition to letting Democratic voters know why Eugene DePasquale is the best choice to represent them in Congress, we will also be boosting winning turnout for the rest of the Democratic ticket. 

Without time to spare, let’s help flip this seat and support flipping the whole state blue. 

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat


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