Campaign #213 is for Quinn Nystrom for Congress from MN

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed.

Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District is a longtime Democratic stronghold that was one of just a handful of districts to turn red in 2018. Donald Trump is betting on this district as being the cornerstone of flipping Minnesota this year. That’s why he has visited the district multiple times including this week to campaign for the Republican Freshman incumbent, Congressman Pete Stauber. He has also sent Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence, and Donald Trump Jr. to the district over the past few weeks.
Who have the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party members nominated to win this seat back?
Quinn Nystrom is the DFL candidate. (In Minnesota, the Democratic Party is called the DFL.) She is a Type 1 diabetic who pays around $1,000 a month to manage her preexisting condition. She has spent her life fighting to make healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable. Quinn is ready to bring that fight to Congress. But she needs your help.
Minnesota’s 8th district was lost by a few percentage points in 2018 because too many Democrats sat on the sidelines. The overconfidence then allowed GOP nominee Pete Stauber get elected. The campaign is counting on your fun, friendly, fully-handwritten postcards ti make a winning difference with historically low-turnout Democrats.
You may Google Quinn and find the experts calling this for Republicans. But, the district had been reliably blue until 2016 when it went for Trump. We know the experts aren’t always right. And we know that there are too many contests for them to conduct polls in every Congressional District. The campaign team has front row seats and what they’re sharing with me is promising. That’s why I’m presenting this as one of our picks for this cycle.
Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District covers the entire Mideastern region of the state. This will be Postcards to Voters’ first campaign in the state. Let’s show Minnesotans how effective our grassroots effort can be. From the mailbox to the ballot box.
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~Tony The Democrat

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