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Campaign #191 is for Bill Redwine in KY


The new Kentucky Governor, Democrat Andy Beshear, has appointed a sitting Democratic legislator. The vacancy will be filled by a Special Election on Tuesday, February 25. It’s a seat in the State House’s 99th District and it’s one that the most recent Democratic Representative had held since 1987. There wasn’t even a Republican on the ballot in 2018.

So, why are we writing to a district that when the last Republican ran, they only got 34%? I won’t go into detail about how during low turnout special elections, even strongholds are vulnerable to being flipped. You already know that from all of the “red” seats we’ve helped flip since 2017.


For me, the deciding factor is that it’s Kentucky. And we need Kentucky Democrats to maintain their excitement and engagement in campaigns, organizing, and voting in 2020. Every opportunity we get to reach a Kentucky Democrat is a chance to help them strengthen their habit of voting.

Strong turnout is also a clear signal to Republicans that we’re coasting on Beshear’s recent victory. Let’s show them that Kentucky Democrats are continuing to stay involved – even for so-called “safe” seats. Defeating McConnell in November won’t be easy. Making sure Democrats in every part of the Bluegrass State know that we’re all in this together can be a powerful motivation.

Imagine the feeling they’ll get after receiving your amazing cards from all over the country for a reliable blue district. This is a measure of Democratic unity and motivation we’re counting on to get them volunteering for their local Democratic Party office.

About Bill

Now, about the candidate. Bill Redwine is a Sandy Hook native and as a former school board member for the Rowan County Public Schools, he worked to strengthen the local education system. He understands the value of public education and that it is the key to ending the cycle of poverty and the opioid epidemic. Redwine values the school bus driver, the teacher, the coach, the support staff, and every individual working to make sure our children receive the quality education they deserve.

For nearly forty years, Redwine was a dedicated employee of Morehead State University. During his tenure with Alumni Relations and Development, he was instrumental in the development and implementation of a computerized database and tracking system for the alumni office. Under his guidance in 1998, the University surpassed $2 million in private gifts for the first time during a fiscal year. Later in his career, Redwine transitioned to the role as Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services where he introduced new technology to the office for the betterment of students and staff.

The National Association of College Auxiliary Services (N.A.C.A.S.) recognized Redwine for his expertise in student auxiliary services by electing him as the 2006 President of NACAS-South, a regional group representing fifteen states in the N.A.C.A.S. Subsequently, he served a term on the N.A.C.A.S. national board of directors representing the Southern Region. In 2015 he was elected Vice President of N.A.C.A.S., followed by President-elect, and in 2017 assumed the Presidency of N.A.C.A.S. at the national level. He currently serves on the N.A.C.A.S. Foundation Board of Directors. Mr. Redwine has written a variety of articles for higher education publications and technology newsletters, including best practices for fundraising in higher education and applications for smart card technology.

Community Involvement

Redwine has a true passion for giving back to his community. As past president and active member of the Morehead Optimist Club, Redwine helped raise over two million dollars to support youth athletics, child abuse prevention, Shop with a Trooper, theater and speech, gifted and talented programs, and other programs for local youth. Redwine continues to serve on the Foundation Board and Board of Directors at St. Claire Regional Medical Center to ensure that people in his community have access to quality and affordable healthcare. He also serves as a member of the Morehead Chamber of Commerce, Regional Advisory Board of Kentucky Bank, and Morehead State University Alumni Association.

If you asked Redwine about his biggest accomplishment, he would say his family. He has been married to his wife, Susette, for almost forty years. They enjoy traveling, attending any Morehead State sporting events, and spending time together. His daughter, Deveney Redwine, has continued in his footsteps as a proud Morehead State University employee. His son, Brett, is a public-school teacher.

When asked about stepping up to serve the 99th District and fill former Representative Rocky Adkins’s shoes, Redwine said, “As state representative, Rocky Adkins was a difference-maker for the people of the 99th District and throughout eastern Kentucky. Our next state representative must be a difference-maker, someone who will continue building on Rocky’s legacy. I am prepared to be that kind of state representative.”

Here’s a campaign ad video: https://youtu.be/h3W_H0zQsog

Since it’s a safe blue seat, maybe you want to write fewer addresses this campaign? That’d be fine. But we are adding an optional talking point to encourage the voters to volunteer for 2020 KY Democratic Party efforts. So, whatever you decide…

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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