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Campaign #189 is for Rachel Roberts in KY


With the recent November victory of Democrat Andy Beshear for the Kentucky Governorship, it follows that some of his appointments would include incumbent legislators. As these Democrats assume new duties, their vacancies will need to be filled with special elections. One of those is in a critical Kentucky House seat in Campbell County.

District 67

District 67 residents have been represented in Frankfort by a Democrat for 25 years. Republicans see this February special election as a chance to score a flip of their own. In 2012 and 2018, fewer than 13,000 voters cast ballots for this seat. The Democrat ran unopposed in 2014 and 2016. With this being a special election, we can expect even lower turnout than 13,000.

About Rachel

We know from our own experience supporting Democrats that this can be flipped if enough voters from the other side vote. So, we’re writing for Rachel to keep this seat held by a Democrat. And Rachel is a strong progressive candidate who fully supports public education funding, protecting public pensions, and advocates for more mental health services among other positions.

Rachel would become the first woman to hold this seat if elected. Her state senate run in 2018 gave her experience on the campaign trail and earned her some name recognition among voters. She is a business owner and entrepreneur. Her message this election has underscored her commitment to fight hard to return tax dollars for projects at home and to be a strong voice for public schools and teachers.

Some examples of what is at stake with current legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers this legislative session
  • Make Kentucky a gun sanctuary state
  • Further reduce pension benefits to teachers and public employees
  • Passing restrictive voting laws
Rachel’s opponent is self-described as
  • A strong conservative who will push back on Federal laws that could include Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Strongly supporting abortion bans and defending Kentucky’s heartbeat bill.
  • Protecting the 2nd Amendment without compromise.

We all know the stranglehold that Mitch McConnell has on the state. His wheeling and dealing have created loyalties to him that are often at odds with what is best for constituents. We must join Kentucky Democrats to hold the Democratic seats they have in the General Assembly. Rachel Roberts will be the kind of Democratic who will stand up to a Republican agenda that creates an unfair burden on average and low income citizens.

In Rachel’s own words

“A small business owner and entrepreneur, I have spent my life building a strong home along with husband Mike, successful businesses, and a community that reflects the guiding values with which my family raised me. I’ve spoken with thousands of concerned citizens, and I hear them when they say we need to find new and innovative ways to drive revenue so we can actually fix our crumbling infrastructure. We need to get creative and community-focused if we’re going to dig in and deliver on solving the opioid epidemic. And we need to work smarter and harder to set our children on a better, stronger path forward. Simply put, we need to get things done and that’s what I do. Injury or illness should not mean financial devastation for our families. We need affordable coverage options, quality, preventative healthcare, and expanded access to mental healthcare.”

Mitch McConnell and his Party were dealt a blow in November, thanks to the postcards you wrote and mailed. Let’s send another message of defeat to Kentucky Republicans by defending this blue seat and electing the district’s first woman as their Representative.

Write on!  ~Tony The Democrat

Sharon H. (Facebook)

What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, February 25
Who? Democrat Rachel Roberts
For? State House
Why? Bold, fresh, and progressive ideas need a savvy messenger like Rachel.
How? Be a voter!

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  1. You all are amazing! I cannot tell you how many times I knocked on a door and the person there said, “you’re the lady from the postcard”! It was such an icebreaker and so many people saved those cards because they could tell how much work goes into them. Thank you and congrats on your hard work paying off in Northern Kentucky!

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