Helping KY Democrats #DitchMitch


Campaign #171 is in support of the entire slate of solid Democrats running this November for KY statewide executive office.

Which Kentucky politician is up for election in 2020 whom we’d all like to see spend more time with his family and zero time blocking bills and colluding with Russia? That’s right. Moscow Mitch.

It may be too early to write directly to #DitchMitch. But it’s never too soon to give local organizing a boost. The ultimate ground game in 2020 to unseat Mitch in favor of whoever wins the May Democratic Primary isn’t something that can be spun up in a couple of months.

Convincing donors to pour money into Kentucky next year can be made much easier if they can see some statewide wins this November. Many counties in Kentucky have no Democratic Party or a ghost of an effort.

We can’t assume responsibility for all that needs to be done in Kentucky to score an upset in 2020. But, we can do what we do best: boosting turnout now for their statewide General Election this November.

About Kentucky

Kentucky had control of the Governor’s Office and the State House from 2008 to 2016. Obama’s years. And in 2017, they lost control of the State House giving Republicans a trifecta where they hold the Executive and Legislative branches.

This November, Kentuckians will vote for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Agriculture, Auditor of Public Accounts, and Treasurer. There’s a Democratic candidate for each of these offices. Luckily for us writers, we won’t need to squeeze in every candidate’s name and office title because Kentucky permits voters to select what is called Straight Party Voting.

At the top of every ballot, voters are given a choice to select one political party to have their votes cast for every candidate from that party. Some states used to have this, like Texas, and Republican legislatures ended it. While Kentucky has it still, it’s an advantage Democratic voters need to be reminded to use. That’s where we come in.

Our message will be to vote straight party: Democratic Party. And win plenty in 2020.

Our Process

We’ve got an entire state to write. And barely two months to do it. So, we’ve parsed the voter file to give us a strategic path forward. Knowing that we may not have the time or volunteers needed to write to every KY Democrat, we’ve spent the last two weeks working with political operatives there to develop a plan. The entire state voter file was made available and with the help of some smart people whose full-time jobs are to build winning field operations for Democratic campaigns, we made several rounds of decisions to prioritize which addresses we would write first.

Naturally, we eliminated duplicates where there were more Dems at the same address. We have the freshest file available to anyone including newly-registered Dems from a few weeks ago. If somehow volunteers start signing up from all over the country, we could end up writing to over one million KY Democrats. But, even with the wonderful writers we already have, we can send our fun, friendly #PostcardsToVoters in numbers they’ve never seen before.

And each one of them will be reminding the Democratic voter to mark their ballot for straight party Democrat. (In some places, there will be county offices up for election. Casting a straight party vote will give those down ballot Democratic candidates a boost, too.)

A Change of Pace

This is a slightly different postcarding campaign than what we’ve done before. But, with the stakes so high in 2020, this is the most effective thing we can do right now to give KY Democrats the head-start they need.

Securing a Democratic win for, say, Governor, will start a chain reaction throughout the state. Momentum will build for volunteer recruitment and donations at the county level. You can help administer that adrenaline. Hold your hand steady, position the pen and…

Write on!  ~Tony The Democrat

What? General Election
When? Tuesday, November 5
Who? Slate of Solid Democrats
For? Several Statewide Offices
Why? Mark the “Democratic Party” box for your whole ballot to go blue!
How? Be a voter!

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