Campaign #158 is for Megan Stock in NE


What? Election
When? Tuesday, May 7
Who? Democrat Megan Stock
For? City Council
Why? Elect a council member who will work for you and as hard as you.
How? Be a voter!

A few weeks ago, we wrote for a Democrat running for City Council in Lincoln, Nebraska. There’s another Democrat running in the district and we have a chance to help get TWO Democrats seated making history.

About Megan

Megan Stock is a Democrat, a public school teacher, and a mother. Some of the issues she is running on include: Improving public transportation, investing in universal pre-kindergarten, building more walking and biking trails, and moving Lincoln toward zero-waste. Megan is running for an open city council seat in Lincoln, Nebraska. For those not familiar with Nebraska politics, Lincoln is a blue dot in a dark red state. But unlike Lincoln’s other city council districts, Lincoln’s District 2 (the district Megan is running for) has never elected a Democrat. However, there are three good reasons to believe the District 2 seat is ready to flip to a Democrat.


The first reason that Megan can flip the district is that the district has been leaning more and more to the left in the last few election cycles. Yes, registered Republicans still outnumber registered Democrats in the district. But they don’t outnumber registered Democrats and Independents when counted together. And in recent elections, Lincoln’s independents have voted overwhelmingly Democratic.

The second reason to think the district is ready to flip is that the Republican incumbent is retiring and for the first time in 20 years, District 2 is an open seat. Four years ago, the incumbent barely held onto the seat, winning by only 3%. And that was against a Democratic opponent who didn’t enter the race until just over a month before the primary election and she was out-fund-raised by more than 3 to 1. Now that it’s an open seat and the funds raised will be much more equal, things are shaping up nicely for Megan.

Which leads to the third and final reason District 2 is ready to flip to a Democrat: Megan is running a well organized, well funded, positive and energetic campaign with the support of everyone from the mayor to a host of volunteers from all over the district.

This district is ready to vote for Megan, but winning is no gimme. Everyone that follows Lincoln politics has reached the same conclusion–one way or the other, this race is going to be a squeaker. And that’s why getting thousands of handwritten postcards out to voters in the district could make all of the difference.

Write on!

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