Campaign #156 is for Melanie Hughes for City Council in Allen, Texas


What? Election
When? SATURDAY, May 4
Who? Democrat Melanie Hughes
For? City Council
Why? Elect someone who has walked a mile in your shoes: Melanie Hughes
How? Be a voter!

We’re going back to Texas for our 156th #PostcardsToVoters campaign.

The City of Allen is a suburb of Dallas and it has an interesting history of elections. There, someone named Victoria pretty much calls the shots even though she is not an elected official. For decades, Victoria has hand-picked every candidate that has served on the Allen City Council. And they were, like her, extremely conservative in their politics.

Last year, Victoria and Allen conservatives were dealt their first electoral upset. Their agenda was disrupted by the election of Allen’s first “open Democrat.”

After an extremely hard-fought race, that history-making Democrat ended up winning by a mere 44 votes!

The local GOP and Tea Party were apoplectic over the win. All over social media, they referred to her as “brazen” for even running. You can already imagine their “shouted” claims that their way of life was under attack.

As a result of this 2018 surprise victory, Melanie Hughes is being targeted as the new threat to Victoria’s stranglehold on the City of Allen. Melanie is fighting hard to be a voice for all residents. She would be only the second person on the council who has school-age children. (The other being the 2018 newly-elected Democrat.)

Melanie is clearly the underdog in the Allen City Council race as Victoria is fully promoting her own pick and attempting to smear Melanie’s name. Still, Melanie is getting some strong support from unexpected corners. Most recently, she earned the endorsements of the Fire and Police associations. I have it on good authority this has shocked her opponent and made Victoria furious.

About Melanie

Melanie is an amazing woman who has lived in Texas and overseas focusing on social work. She also serves as a local PTA president.

She is running to be the voice and representation of the working family who, by and large, may be living paycheck to paycheck. No one on the council has walked a mile in the shoes of a head of a struggling household. Melanie can bring that perspective to the Council’s agenda and decision-making. It’s what the city’s residents need most right now. Someone who can speak for them because she *is* one of them.

She is running a very hard campaign knowing that the Democrat’s win in 2018 was only by a margin of 44 votes. She and her team know without a doubt that your postcards could be the difference between winning and losing.

Please help us get Melanie Hughes for Allen City Council elected. It’ll make lots of people in Allen smile for the change such a victory will usher in. But, it won’t make Victoria smile.

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One thought


    I’ve been asked to explain this post that I wrote providing background and insight into this particular campaign opportunity.

    It’s a fair question since not everyone knows that I lived in Dallas, Texas for 28 years and became active in local Democratic politics there as a Precinct Chair in 2002. It’s a fair question because it’s not immediately obvious that a grassroots organizer living in Georgia today still has many politically-involved friends and acquaintances in Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant counties of Texas. In fact, I have friends who live in Allen including one that I have known since 1986. She was born and raised in Allen.

    I offer this additional information about myself to make it clear that I wrote this post entirely on my own. I stand by it without any corrections or further elaborations. (Typos and grammatical errors notwithstanding since I don’t even get any of my posts proofread before they hit this page.)

    However, if anyone wants to help me write posts like this for future campaigns, let me know! =)

    Thanks and write on.

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