Campaign #145 is for Nadia Holubnyczyj in NY


Nadia Holubnyczyj, running for Village Trustee in the Incorporated Village of Floral Park, Long Island, NY.

The Village of Floral Park’s elections have been dominated by a single party for over 50 years. Even though Village elections are non-partisan, everyone is aware of party affiliations. The single party of Floral Park is for all intents Republican. Other residents of Floral Park have unseated one trustee out of around 4 attempts.

About Nadia

Nadia is a disabled mother of two children adopted from Guatemala. Her family has lived in the Village for over 15 years. Since 2015, Nadia has been a vocal activist in the Village. She was a grassroots organizer against a proposed casino that was slated for a local area of undeveloped land. Nadia led a protest, spoke with media and ultimately spoke with state senators up in Albany to help defeat the proposed project.

Nadia has been calling the Village board out on not taking effective action against the police commissioner who has been accused of illegal activities during federal trials for other individuals he has ties with. She is trying to effect change and has been gaining support throughout the village as residents believe they no longer have a voice in matters.

If you want to hear Nadia on a variety of local issues, a series of videos is linked on her website

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