Campaign #143 is for Eric Coleman in Tennessee


When the former Tennessee State Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mark Norris, resigned to accept a federal judgeship, the vacancy drew four Republicans. In two days, primary voters will determine which GOP candidate will face off against the lone Democrat, Eric Coleman. With your help, we plan to mobilize every Democratic voter in the district and flip this seat.

It’s not going to be an easy one to win. Trump won TN State Senate District 32 with 68% of the vote. (under-performing Romney’s 71% from 2012)

But, what do we know about Special Elections? Turnout is key.

What is in our favor here?

1. We have lots of lead time for this March 12 election.
2. Democrat Eric Coleman, is a compelling candidate.
3. The district includes a good bit of Shelby county which we saturated when we wrote for Phil Bredesen.
4. Eric has already begin campaigning since he didn’t have to compete in a primary.
5. Democrats have a lot of reasons to be motivated to show up.
6. We have YOU! You and thousands of other volunteer writers ready to send fun, friendly election reminders to boost winning turnout in an otherwise below-the-radar special election.

Thanks and write on!

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