Campaign #136 is for Josh Adjutant in NH


We assigned 59,631 addresses yesterday and finished off 3 lists! We have two more days to write and mail #PostcardsToVoters. This next list is for Democrat Josh Adjutant running for one of the 400 New Hampshire State Representative seats. This is a tiny list compared to what we usually have. We could finish this list in an hour if everyone takes 5 addresses.

Josh is a returning candidate to #PostcardsToVoters. When we wrote for him in August 2017, he was our 9th candidate. His Special Election loss by 50 votes was a crushing one for all of us since we had written to every Democratic voter in his district twice.

In the time since, I remained following Josh’s social media posts. He has not let up in his fight to hold the Republican incumbent accountable. He’s kept at it door to door, at events, and one on one with voters and volunteers.

He’s running in a conservative district. But, the issues page on his website doesn’t hold anything back. He’s for debt-free community college, opposes the Northern Pass Project, wants NH to be able to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, proposes a detailed public option plan for health insurance, opposes the NH cut to Business Profits Tax, supports universal background checks for firearms purchases, against so-called “Right to Work” laws, champions a woman’s right to choose, an end to gerrymandering in NH, and so on.

We won’t have to lift too much to help Josh get these postcards in every friendly Democrat’s mailbox. I know it’s right up against the deadline here, but let’s make Josh’s second run for office the one that counts.
We can do this today!

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