Campaign #122 is to re-elect Mike Revis in Missouri


Democrat Mike Revis was elected to the Missouri House for District 97 in a special election this past February. Thousands of Postcards to Voters volunteers like you wrote to every Democratic voter in his district. On that election night, he won by 108 votes!

Mike is now running in the November 6th General Election for a full term. Let’s help send Mike back to Jefferson City to continue fighting for working families and public education. His constituents need him to keep fighting against insidious, so-called “right to work” propositions. His was one of the strong voices against Prop A this year.

Along with Mike, his team, and local volunteers there, we were part of a winning GOTV effort in February for a special election. Please find time (and postage) to make sure every Democratic voter is reminded to re-elect Mike. Maybe he’ll win by a margin even greater than 108 this time. But, all it takes is 50% plus one.

Listen to a statement from Mike himself about the impact of #PostcardsToVoters in his special election. Click here:

Missouri is the “Show Me” state. Let’s show them we can defend a seat flipped by 28 points.


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