Campaign #120 is for Heather Buch in Oregon


Getting Democrats elected to U.S. Senate and Congress is certainly exciting and high-stakes. But, spend any time examining what happens in local government and you’ll quickly see the many ways that policies and decisions are influencing our lives.

We need Democrats elected to local office in order for them to gain experience governing and administering policy. If they later decide to run for higher office, prospective donors, consultants, volunteers, and voters will be able to consider them with greater credibility. Other elected Democrats will have had time to get to know them in office and, if they’re good, they can advise them and introduce them to the right network of resources for a firm footing on the path to higher office.

Heather Buch

Heather Buch has spent her professional career running a small business to help people access and afford housing in Lane County, Oregon. She pursued this career path because, as the daughter of a single, working mother growing up in Veneta, she learned firsthand the effects of unstable housing.

At the age of eight while her mother was at work, Heather read the classified sections of local newspapers, calling advertisers in a determined effort to find affordable, stable housing for her family. This vivid memory, along with her mother’s dedication and resilience, shaped the values and priorities Heather holds today. Heather knows that success in life begins with stable housing, and that’s why she works every day to find housing solutions for individuals and families throughout Lane County.

Lane County Commissioner’s Board

Lane County’s Commissioner Board has been Republican-controlled for nearly 20 years. This also the same amount of time it has been since there has been a woman on the commissioner board. Big Timber industries have ravaged the land because the Commission allows them. The unchecked development is destroying the beautiful environment in Oregon. Additionally, rural areas in the county are struggling with stagnant wages, underfunded schools, and lagging infrastructure.

The lack of affordable housing has thrown Lane County into the worst housing crisis in the country, second only to Seattle. Because the commissioners have gerrymandered Lane County, it has been an uphill battle to be able to take back the Commission. After a victory in the primary on the Commissioner Board, we now have 2-3 balance on the board, with conservatives in the majority. Heather’s seat is the last one we need to flip the commission board.

We helped Joe Berney (Campaign #78) win on this same County Commission back in May. It was in all the headlines locally because he was a first-time candidate who defeated a two-term incumbent and former Mayor. We can do it again for Heather and flip the balance to protect the environment and champion affordable housing.

Here’s a video of Joe himself recounting the amazing impact our postcards has in his local race:

This is a very short list compared to what we have been writing. If everyone just wrote to 4 voters apiece, I bet we could finish this in 2 days. Thanks!

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