Campaign #106 is for Jasmine Robinson in NY


Can you imagine being a candidate running to challenge an incumbent and you know you’re on Postcards to Voters’ list, but they keep writing for other candidates with the same election date? One after another? 7 times??

Jasmine Robinson, or Jasi as she is known to her friends, has called, emailed, and messaged asking when will we write for her? When will we work that mailbox magic and give her campaign a winning boost?

Well, now’s the time. We launched a new campaign yesterday and we’re already 76% complete. We’re going to start offering Jasi’s list to you now for those of you who write a set amount for each candidate and may have already completed your set number for the prior candidate. This way, you don’t have to wait until tonight. You can start now. (Maybe even write more than you would have. Grin.)

Let me introduce you to Jasi

She’s an Afro-Latina who enjoys the endorsements of progressive groups and elected officials including Queens City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Our Revolution. Working Class Families, No IDC NY, and True Blue.

Jasi is a first-time candidate who has had a bit of a rough road on the campaign trail. Early on, an advisor sabotaged some of her petition signatures required to be on the ballot. Reports suggest that this consultant had been aligned with the incumbent all along. Apparently the plan had been to sink Jasi’s chances before she could even get started. She eventually prevailed despite this sinister move because she had enough qualifying signatures to remain on the ballot.

She grew up in the Bronx and her district includes northern Staten Island and south Brooklyn. Jasi is going to be a forceful advocate for the progressive agenda. I’ve spoken with her a number of times. She’s not going to be a quiet, go-along-to-get-along Senator. It’s my opinion – and the opinion of those who have backed her – that in this time that is crying out for change, Jasi is someone who will step up.

Throughout her life and even throughout this campaign, she’s not let adversity sideline her. Democrats in the 23rd District of the NY State Senate are learning that she will be relentless on reform that all New Yorkers need.

If you are new to Postcards to Voters, welcome! You may be wondering why we are writing in a Democratic Primary.

Where Postcards to Voters normally avoids Democratic primaries, there are some incumbents in the NY State Senate who have run as Democrats, but then worked on and voted for and supported Republican-led initiatives to the exclusion of reform measures that passed the Democratic State House. Here’s a video from Zephyr Teachout explaining it with a bit more panache than I can muster:

If you have more time, here’s a video in which Zephyr goes into much more detail for a little over half an hour:

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