29262082_1806074209693657_1705838663532806144_nCampaign #62 is for Jim Hawkins running for State House in MA. The email I received introducing me to Jim Hawkins got right to the point. Republicans are outspending Jim 14:1. They have targeted this race because all of the surrounding areas are red. His is the one holdout blue area. He needs our help to keep it blue.

Jim will move his district forward. He will continue fighting for the progressive policies the outgoing Democratic Representative championed.

The Democratic Performance Index (DPI) for this district is 52%. Which means there is a chance for a GOP win if too many Democratic voters stay home. Your postcards will help remind them and boost turnout to defend against flipping to red.

We are pitching in to help Jim’s team get out the Democratic vote because as important as it it to flip red seats blue, we can’t ignore the other side trying to do the same to us in close contests. Thanks!

Addresses for this short list of voters are available to approved/verified writers from Abby the Address Bot.

► Text BLUE to (484) 275-2229 for 5-10 voter addresses before the list runs out!

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