28336316_1796897470611331_6563872150378604203_oTom Swisstack is a former Mayor of Rio Rancho which is part of the Albuquerque metro area. This is a dense urban community with lots of friendly, Democratic voters to remind. While the race itself is not conducted with partisan overtones, Tom is the only Democrat in the race for Mayor and we want to give him a winning edge.

Since he’s been the Mayor before, he’s had success building a strong coalition and impressive endorsements. Still, it all comes down to who shows up at the polls. Your cards can be an important boost in turnout.

Tom has a passionate team conducting the campaign professionally. They’re doing everything they know how to do. When they heard from us, they were elated. This is going to be a close contest and they know something unexpected and amazing like our waves of daily postcards could be just what they need.

For our part, we are happy to help Democrats up and down the ballot. You may have written with us on Town Council and City Council races in the past. We’ve even written for School Board, Sheriff, Tax Assessor, Circuit Clerk, and so on. (And, this is our first time writing to voters in New Mexico!) Being a partner for Democratic candidates at all levels of government helps Postcards to Voters fulfill its core mission.

This is an Abby-only campaign. Returning writers may text TOM to (484) 275-2229 for addresses right away.

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