Voters in KY HD #89 have an impassioned Democratic candidate on their ballot. A librarian, mother of 2, and community activist who is working hard on her first-ever campaign to flip a ruby red seat.

Kelly posted on her blog about the shootings in Parkland, FL and, if elected, will be the advocate families and educators need. Read her blog here:

Her election is a little more than a week away. So, let’s consider this a Postcard Express Challenge!

Her list of voters should be able to be finished by Sunday night. And all of the cards must be written and mailed no later than Tuesday 2/20. (A full week before polls open.)

Only Abby has these addresses since the duration is not expected to be longer than 2 days. (Anyone without a smartphone, we still have Marie Newman addresses via email.)

Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229 for Kelly Smith voter addresses.

If you’re new, email

If you’re a returning writer without the ability to text Abby or you’re planning a party and need a bunch of addresses, email


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