New Hampshire Democrats have flipped 6 state legislative seats in the last 8 special elections there. The next opportunity is on February 27th in Belknap County District 3.

If you Google Phil Spagnuolo (provided you spell his name right), you will learn that he credits Medicaid expansion with helping him emerge from a personal battle with substance abuse. Having successfully emerged from the kind of treatment and therapy his doctors recommended, Phil is now a vocal opponent of Trump’s war on the Affordable Care Act and NH Republicans’ irresponsible actions that keep vital care out of reach for so many in the Granite State.

Write a few cards to remind Democratic voters of this special election in a few weeks. Write to them so that they can elect a champion to flip that seat. Write if you believe in the hope that rehabilitation holds forth for millions of afflicted Americans. Write to show that we care.

NOTE: Abby’s list for Phil is already almost out. But, #53 and #54 are ready. So, if you miss out on Phil, just wait a moment for the next one. Thanks!

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  1. I’m confused. Do I send a sample card for Phil Spagnuolo before I get addresses? I bought a packet of 20 cards, and I don’t want to waste a card if this campaign is filled already.

    1. Hello Margaret,
      Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, like yourself, we have completed the address list for Phil Spagnuolo. We are working on other campaigns. If you have not registered with us, please feel free to do so by emailing us at postcards@tonythedemocrat.org =)

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