27654381_1790274321273646_7467326011586321576_nAbby the Address Bot is meticulous about keeping track of data. (She doesn’t yet know about the volunteers and address assignment activity conducted via email without her.)

Something of interest is that Abby helped 71 *more* volunteers with addresses for Pennsylvania than for Alabama! (And we spent 6 weeks writing for AL!) We also had a record-breaking day for addresses assigned with the Lamb voters. And we wrote at a faster pace through the list of #PA18 Democrats than for Alabama.

Our Rapid Response Email Team of Amy, Carla, Gail, Giliani, Jeff, Katie, Sarah, and Renee along with Abby’s Coach Carl have barely had a break. They make all of this run so smoothly 16+ hours a day and 7 days a week.

Thanks to them, we now have over 12,000 volunteers (plus all their friends). This page has attracted over 9,000 Likes. Our Amplify App is nearly 800-people strong.

All of these achievements support what we see with increases daily in new volunteer enrollment and more candidates reaching out to us than even in the run up to November 7th last year.

More small businesses (and medium-sized businesses) have been approaching us to get their products and services in front of your eyeballs. The “Be a Voter” postcards are flying off the shelves at CollectiveVision.us just as strongly as when we started during the Doug Jones writing.

With new postcarding look-alikes starting seemingly every few weeks, our entire team and our supported candidates want to say T H A N K S to each of you, your friends, groups, and clubs for helping sustain us for 11 months and over half a million fully-handwritten postcards mailed! We couldn’t have come this far without you and all our 2018 goals feature you front and center.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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  1. I’ve got my cards, I’m ready to write. Josh Mahony REALLY needs to beat Steve Womack. Got any addresses for Dist 3 – AR?? Or thoughts on how to get them?

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