This is an Abby-only Campaign.

A year or more ago, our response to the statement that a district was tough for a Democrat to win was different than our response today. Especially since a couple weeks ago when Democrats made history, up and down the ballot, in so many 11/07/17 elections.

Allow me to introduce you to Mary Alice Carfi. She is a first-time candidate running in a district that has been tough for Democrats to win. And she is our 34th Postcards to Voters Campaign.

This is where you come in. We will write to every strong Democrat and get them talking about Mary Alice. Our postcards have a habit of creating a fun, positive buzz. Coming in from all corners of the country, local Dems cannot help but show each other the cards they received. To talk about them, post them on-line, and share in the anticipation for those who haven’t received them yet. The cards are often saved and set on countertops or fridges and seen multiple times before the election date. Your card will be treated that way. And there’s every chance that Mary Alice can become the only elected member of Tennessee’s General Assembly who is a mother of a school-age child!

Text HELLO to (484) ASK-ABBY which is (484) 275-2229 and Abby the Address Bot will give you addresses if you are a returning writer.

UPDATE: We are 68% complete! Y’all rock these “short” list, local campaigns. Nice work. Thanks.

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