#31 goes to our first judicial candidate, Democrat and Judge Ellen Ceisler in Pennsylvania!

She’s been a fighter for justice for 3 decades. In the Democratic primary for this position, she was first in a field of 6. A strong, highly-qualified jurist, the Commonwealth Court for which she is running will hear a case to challenge Pennsylvania’s Gerrymandering.

Like many of the recent lists, this one is a short list that is precision-targeted to the best households for a blue turnout. As long as you can write and mail 5 cards by first thing Wednesday morning, you can still help give Ellen a boost.

And, because her web site is spectacular, I am using it here instead of a banner ad. [This is an Abby-only list, BTW.)

► Text JUSTICE to (484) ASK-ABBY which is (484) 275-2229



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