We no longer announce our campaign line-up in advance. It’s a distraction that can adversely impact postcard-writing production for other candidates earlier on the calendar. It’s a competitive disadvantage for the campaign to let the opposition know so early about such a specific GOTV plan. Conditions change frequently with campaigns meaning a “no” one week can turn into a “yes” another week and vice versa. If we are finding “obscure” city council and school board elections, we most certainly know about the campaigns that are on the national radar.

It does not help our relationship with a campaign where we might be hoping they will eventually consider working with us to tell volunteers that the campaign has said “no” to us. From past experience, setting loose a bunch of angry, upset, confused, and/or pleading volunteers onto a campaign more concerned with conventional GOTV tactics is not a good way to make friends for Postcards To Voters. These campaign staffers move on to other campaigns in the future. If they have a bad experience with us just during the pitch and consideration phase, we will likely have lost them forever.

So, we don’t confirm or deny any future candidate/campaign lineups. We ask for your patient understanding for all the reasons explained. And we hope we have earned your trust in our process and candidate selection. Rule of thumb: If you heard about the candidate on MSNBC, we have already heard about it and have approached the campaign with a proposal.