Sarah M.

Rapid Response Email Team

It’s all because of Amy the Democrat.

She talked me into a bus trip to go canvassing in Nevada in October of 2016. That was the beginning of the journey.

After that, I knocked on more doors, marched in protests, wrote countless emails and postcards to elected officials, and encouraged my like-minded friends to do the same. Then, Amy introduced me to Postcards to Voters – back during the first campaign in Georgia. I suddenly felt that the postcards I wrote really mattered because they would actually be read by the people with real power – the voters. I was hooked.

I joined this incredible team during the frenzy of the Doug Jones campaign. Who knew that a customer service dashboard could be so addictive? It’s addictive because I know that helping our amazing writers is how we will win this country back – one voter at a time.

In real life, I’m living the dream in Silicon Valley.

  • Location: Los Altos, CA
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