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My name is pronounced “hilly-ah-knee”, and I’m a Jill-of-all-trades. I am, or have been, a university graduate, Flight Attendant, Recruiter, girlfriend, wife, mother, roadie, Band-aide, CSR, cashier, secretary, HR Administrator, Justin Trudeau-Fangirl, and licensed cosmetologist…. but, most importantly, I am Part of the Resistance.

Like everyone else, I was glued to my TV on election night November 2016. And, like most of America, I was stunned, stupefied, and enraged by the results. In the weeks that followed, I joined every Facebook resistance group I could find. And, when my current US House Rep, Tom Price, was selected/confirmed as head of HHS, I made a vow to do everything in my power to help a Democrat win that seat! Living in Georgia for 20+ years and being gerrymandered to the point of lunacy, I knew it was MY time to make a difference.

Of course, when you have a husband, 2 dogs, 2 jobs, a 3-year-old AND a 1-year-old, that’s easier said than done. I found many of the typical GOTV initiatives were not conducive to my schedule. That is, until I found a post, by Tony The Democrat, in a local FB group about writing postcards. Instantly, I knew this was IT… this was MY way to contribute. I could write on my own time, my own way, and still keep up with everything else in my life.

After my 2nd request for postcard addresses went unanswered for several days, I contacted Tony, who said he was swamped, and hadn’t foreseen the “viral” nature of his postcard project. Thus, he fell behind….WAY behind. So, I asked him if I could help. A quick conference call and 10 minutes later, I was set up and assigning addresses.

My budget took a hit, I hardly slept, and my hand hurt, BUT, it was worth it…. it’s still worth it.

I do this for my kids.
I do this for the cause.
I do this for my Country.
I do this because I am Part of The Resistance.

[P.S. This website is my baby, I troubleshoot Abby, and I do whatever else needs to be done to help the team out.] =)

  • Location: Atlanta, GA
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