Rapid Response Email Team

Protesting, canvassing and phone banking are overwhelming for someone a bit shy like me, so when I first heard about Postcards to Voters during the Jon Ossof campaign, I registered immediately. Each morning for weeks I’d write 20 postcards, mail them, then start all over again. The positive, direct, Get Out the Vote action doable from the comfort of my sun porch was such a wonderful experience that I just kept writing. I’ve since written for almost every campaign!

Recently, my corporate job and I decided to break up so naturally PTV became a place to spend some more of my time. Tony decided to take a chance on me, and now I am one of the behind the scenes folks who register new volunteers to write with us. I hope the newbies find as much joy and satisfaction as I have in writing postcards to help elect terrific Democrats.

When I’m not volunteering, you can find me renovating old houses, taking care of my elderly sweet dog, cooking, baking, enjoying cocktails on my deck overlooking a beautiful river, or traveling with my wonderful husband to far flung corners of this beautiful earth.

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
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